What We Do


Stoelting Certified

Keeping your Stoelting Ice Cream Machines running in tip top shape is paramount to maximizing profit. We provide tips and suggestions to make life a little easier for you, the ice cream shop or restaurant owner.


Manitowoc Ice Machines

From a large commercial ice machine or ice cream machine for a restaurant, or a cold beverage water filtration system for the office, Top Of Texas Refrigeration can meet any wholesale or individual ice machine, ice cream machine, or water filtration need.


Preventive Maintenance

A good preventive maintenance plan does more than satisfy the minimum requirements of your lease. Properly designed, it can save you money in repairs. Call to setup a preventive maintenance plan with us!

Top of Texas Refrigeration

We are Amarillo's newest company for commercial refrigeration installation and service including commercial kitchen setup. We are everything you want in a service contractor: reliable, thorough, conscientious, dedicated and knowledgeable.

Specializing in refrigeration, preventive maintenance and emergency service, Top of Texas Refrigeration is well equipped to be your one and only Refrigeration contractor. Established in 2017, Top of Texas Refrigeration's techs are Stoeting certified and Manitowoc certified and ready to service all of Amarillo and the surrounding area to answer your calls... day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Products

Stoelting Certified
Our certified technicians are trained to provide you with utmost quality service for your Stoelting machines.

Manitowoc Ice Machines
Manitowoc Ice Machines are America's number one selling brand of ice machines for a reason. Energy efficiency, reliability, and a service and support network second to none.

Trenton Refrigeration
Designed to meet the needs of today's refrigeration professional, these technologies allow you to reduce environmental impact, reduce energy use, increase systems efficiency and more.